About Us

Crave meets Viva. Accelerate a Hunger-Free Future Through Innovation.

Craveva is dedicated to harnessing the power of technology and innovation in the supply of food raw materials, aiming to eradicate global hunger by ensuring every community has access to nutritious meals. By leveraging advanced data analytics and collaborative technologies, we optimize food distribution systems and reduce waste, making our solutions both effective and eco-conscious. Through cultivating open partnerships and engaging with communities around the globe, we’re committed to building an inclusive ecosystem where technology drives us towards a world free of hunger. Our commitment to transparency and making a positive impact stands as our pledge to not just feed, but deeply nourish the planet.

Craveva 致力於利用技術和創新力量,在食品原料供應方面採取行動,目標是根除全球飢餓與分配不均,確保每個社區都能獲取到營養豐富的食物。我們利用先進的數據分析和協作技術來優化食品分配系統並減少浪費,確保我們的解決方案既高效又環保。通過建立開放的合作夥伴關係和與全球社區的互動,我們致力於創建一個包容的生態系統,讓技術推動我們走向一個無飢餓的世界。我們對透明度和產生積極影響的承諾,反映了我們的決心,不僅僅是提供食物,而是深層次地滋養地球。

With a focus on reliable delivery, trustworthy reputation, extensive F&B management experience and unparalleled customizable service, we are here to support your business!

  1.  F&B Management Expertise

    With decades of experience, our team comprises of individuals with varying expertise and deep understanding of the industry. Together we hold a unique combination of operation, management and marketing experience which jointly enables us to provide key solutions, insights and support to your business. Whatever your business is going through, no one understands it better than us.

  2. Customizable Service

    Looking for a unique flavor that is not within our product range? Elevate your menu offerings through our customizable service. With our strong global network, we are equipped to source and tailor flavors catered to your business.  

  3. Extensive Quality Product Range

    Here at Craveva, we believe in both Quality and Quantity. Offering an extensive range of food ingredients like from Tea Leaves and Bubble Tea Toppings to Frozen Seafood, we carry a myriad of products to serve all types of F&B partners, from boutique cafes, heritage hawker stalls to chain outlets. 

  4. Commitment to On-Time Deliveries

    We understand the fast-paced nature of the food industry and that’s why we are committed to quick, on-time deliveries. You can rely on our delivery service to ensure that your operations run smoothly. 

  5. Affordable Prices

    We understand that profitability is essential to every business operation. We strive to keep our prices low and affordable to give you the additional edge in maintaining your business profits. 

From placing your order with us to delivery of goods, we keep our process simple and efficient. Our customer service is here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to us today to find out more on our products and solutions!